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Thread: Cedar display shelf

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    Cedar display shelf

    A while back I posted a gloat about salvaging some rough-cut cedar boards. This thread:

    Here are some pics of the first completed project using those salvaged boards.

    A friend of mine was wanting a display rack for shot glasses, and sat down & sketched up for me the general idea of what she was looking for, so I built her this for her birthday

    There were LOTS of fiddly little dados to cut for this.

    -Kevin in Indy
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    Wow, thats a lot of dados.
    Nicely done Kevin
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    i would say yu got fiddly down pat that is gonna represent alot of cold drinks in time
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    Extremely nice Kevin I have a smaller shot glass collection than what will fill yours, may have to adapt and build something like your creation. Good idea and well done

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    You heavy drinkers! now you've got an excuse to keep on drinking, to fill those voids!
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