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Thread: Hi from South Carolina

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    Hi from South Carolina

    As usual, I am doing things in the wrong order. Here is the info I posted in an earlier thread:

    I grew up in SC, got my Electrical Engineering degree from USC, married for 30 yrs, 2 kids (grown). Moved to Atlanta for 8 years, and am grateful to be back in SC now. I have enjoyed working with wood for many years, but never had a shop. Mainly have worked with a few hand tools and a circular saw on basic projects. Recently purchased a lathe and started turning wood. Decided to buy some land, build the shop first, then the house - so we are renting a double wide during the construction activities. Now I have a lifetime of projects to do with the land clearing/maintenance, shop and home building, and perhaps some farming as well. Still working my full time job as a project manager hoping retirement is still a possibility at some point. I play bagpipes, like photography, am a HAM (AB4MG), and enjoy singing Barbershop. Most of the hobbies are on hold for now until the shop is finished.

    I will start a thread on my shop build which started in Jan-09 when the land (50+ wooded acres) was purchased. Getting ready to pour a footer for a retaining wall, then put up a pole building with concrete floor.
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    bethel springs TN, but was born and raised in north east PA
    Welcome to one great forum.

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    Hey Rick
    Are you a SPEBSQSA member ?
    I have sung barbershop for years. I'm not currently with a chorus, but thinking about rejoining.

    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    well we dont mind if yu have the cart before the horse here glad yu got a shop in the works,, we all like to see shops go up and some of us might be bale to help yu side step a few pitfalls so if in doubt ,,ask the forum and they will help if they can. and once again welcome
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    Hi there Rick. Welcome.
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    Welcome Rick. I am confused (some here might say that is my only state of mind!) but you said you were pouring a footer for a pole building? Around here we pour a footer for a block wall, but usually only level the building area, dig the holes and insert poles for a pole building. Just wondering. Again, welcome, and before they sic the pic police on you, no pictures means nothing happened.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Welcome Rick.

    From reading your post, you need to stop being so lazy and find something to do.

    Again Welcome.


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    Bob - I was a member when I was singing with the Stone Mountain Chorus in GA. I hope to maybe get set up with a quartet sometime in the future...

    Jonathan - Because of the slope of the lot, I am having to put in a footer/retaining wall on the lower side. The pole building will set poles on the wall with anchor bolts on that side, and be placed in the ground everywhere else.

    Mark - are you related to my wife?

    I understand the requirement for photos, so see my other thread It has the proof. (and will be updated as things progress)

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    Was just visiting SC. Boy do I miss it. The tranquility alone is worth a trip back.

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