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Thread: Making a simple box

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    Making a simple box

    Last night my dad and I attended a seminar at the Woodsmith Store that featured Rick Hutcheson turning a simple box. He is a great demonstrator and WOW he makes turning a box seem simple. He's turned a few.

    I will be trying to make a few tonight. My dad and I both enjoyed the seminar and learned quite a bit I think too. Here's a link to how Rick makes boxes.

    Click Here
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    In my experience the phrase 'simple box' is a contradiction in terms. I have yet to mak a box that works, where the lid fits the bottom consistently for longer than a day. For some reason I just can't do it despite reading the books, whatching the dvd's etc. Just doesn't happen. I'll do a 2mm goblet with a 3mm stem for you, turn a bowl with more holes than wood, turn pine and get a baby bottom finish but turn a simple box? Never happen


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    Good info Jeff. I like turning simple boxes. Really fun to do and now I have started doing inlays on them. Really spruces them up.
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    Man, that guy is a turning machine. He's also either very fast, or his prices reflect a very low dollars per hour figure. I've not yet tried turning a box. Something tells me my experience would be about like Pete's.
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    Vaugh, he is fast. I think the simple little box he turned for the demo would have only taken him about 20 minutes from start to finish if he wasn't doing the demo. He likes cedar. He also commented that he turns several bowls every day also. I was a fine evening. and we learned a lot. I am going to have to try some too.

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    Well I tried a few boxes last night and nothing worked out right...first one I screwed up, second the wood was punky and the third the wood was punky and I screwed up. I need to cut up some good wood to try it next time...
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    Thanks for posting the tutorial.... I have a ton or two of cedar like that and have wanted to try a few boxes.... also good excuse to get to buy a Bedan tool....

    Anyway I copied the tutorial and converted to PDF file for my future projects...
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