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Thread: Desert Ironwood Hollow Form

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    Desert Ironwood Hollow Form

    This little HF is about 4" wide and 4 1/2" tall. It's some of the desert ironwood I got last spring from a guy that I met at one of the art shows. Aside from a couple bottle stoppers, this is the first "real" piece I've turned from it. The whole log (I'm guessing 150+ pounds) was hollow most of the way though and pretty badly checked. Some spots are pretty crumbly, but if it stays together it finishes out nicely. The voids are places where the walls just crumbled away...they weren't there when I started. I ended up getting a bit of the wall thinner than I'd planned, so I went ahead and made the whole thing that thin. It's about 1/16" thick all the way down the sides, and about 3/8" to 1/2" on the bottom. I was shooting for a Pueblo Indian look, and I think I got what I was looking for.

    This has no finish on it...just sanded to 600 then buffed with tripoli and Don Pencil's PL compound, followed up with Renaissance wax.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This one will be a gift to the guy who sold me the wood. He's coming to the show tomorrow to pick it up, so I figured I should get it photographed tonight.

    I forgot to take any progress pics, but here are a couple shots of the blank I started with. You can see where I drilled a 1" hole to hold the spur center while I was roughing it out.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HF055 - 06 600.jpg 
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    Comments and critiques are welcome, of course -
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    looks like yu need more practice vaughn this has holes in it,, and you might be able to start making lamp shades now yu got 1/16th walls down pat.. wow vaughn i have got some of that iron wood as well and its crumbly.. beautiful color on that and it surelooks indian to me.. its heavy stuff to huh, how did it cut on the lathe it seems to be hard on edges..
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    really neat Vaughn
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    Vaughn one look at that piece and I was reminded of the words from a local add where a little girl speaks. No typing would convey the tone and punctuation but i can type the words.

    "Now thats simply beautiful..."

    Of all the turnings we get to see here i find i am drawn to the darker woods, maybe its their earthy tones.

    Man i can only imagine how sharp your tools must have been to cut that log. Real nice shape and i like the holes.

    Hey Vaughn what would show up in a piece like that if you put a light bulb inside and switched it on. Are the walls thin enough to get any light shining through? Thats a piece i would love to see in real life. Dont think the picture does it justice.
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    Vaughn, that is a nice HF. I like the shape and the wood. I like that fact that you have shown the blank before turning. I am going to try to remember to do that on one of mine.

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    Great shape Vaughn...little thin for me though

    Love the shape of this one BTW.
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    Definitely a one of a kind beauty.
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    I like how yours turned out. Makes me think about a pc i got from a friend awhile back when i took that vessel turning class - He gave me a pc of ironwood that he was going to throw out because of the crumbling on the sides. I think im going to try it myself now after seeing how yours turned out. I put it the side and didnt know if i was ever going to use it because of the punky areas and crumbling. I think ill try to stiffen it up and turn it now that i see yours.........looks great........Dan
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    Vaughn - well worth the wait!

    Beautiful piece that looks like it belongs in a museum collection of Southwest artifacts! You have an amazing finish on this considering it is only buffed! The guy receiving this should be extremely happy! Hopefully - he will come up with some more of this wood for you!

    Nice work! Thanks for sharing!

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    Vaughn, Never had the pleasure of handling any Desert Ironwood but that density of that little piece conveys the impression that it's a hard subject to work, certainly holds a good finish.
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