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Thread: Studio City Rotary Club Fall 2009 Art Show

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    Studio City Rotary Club Fall 2009 Art Show

    We did another show this weekend in Studio City, about 30 minutes from home. The Rotary Club has been running this show for over 40 years, so it's very well established and organized. Great location, nice weather, best porta-johns in town, lots of good art at the show, but relatively light crowds and dismal sales for pretty much everyone. Some vendors did better than me, but others also did worse. I had products ranging from $20 to $280, but there just weren't many wallets opening up here this weekend. I sold four pieces, but still didn't make my entry fee...yet. I'll be getting another sale from this show in a week or so. A long-time friend (former co-worker) and his wife came by the booth to check out my bowls for a gift for the wife's mom. She's getting her kitchen remodeled and they plan to get her a bowl. They just didn't pick one yet since they haven't seen the kitchen, so didn't know which bowl would look nice in it. Most of the time when someone says "I'll be back", I don't put much credence into it, but from this couple, I know it'll happen.

    There was another turner directly across the aisle from me...we're pretty good buddies from past shows and aside from my 5 bottle stoppers, we didn't have any competing products. (He has a better selection of bottle stoppers than me, plus he specializes in smaller things like pill boxes and desk sets.) He sold a bit more than me, but he still just barely covered his entry fee. Sunday I believe all he sold was one $12 bookmark.

    On top of it all, LOML and I were both dealing with pesky chest colds. She was sick all last week (and she's still not better), and I started coming down with it Thursday or Friday, and it's gaining on me, too. She was feeling worse than me, so she stayed home for most of the weekend, just coming to help set up and pack. I pretty much had to be there, so there I was.

    It was far from the worst weekend of my life, but I still wouldn't want to repeat it.

    Obligatory booth shot, with overcast skies and an iPhone:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Keep plugging away at it Vaughn, at some point, people will start to open their wallets again, and when it does happen you will be well established and I trust will reap the benefits. Sorry to hear about the cold, for both of you, that just plain takes any fun out of the day.

    Here is to a speedy recovery, both on the cold and the sales!
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    We'll future sales are still a success and the booth looks nice.

    My family has been fighting the chest thing for a couple of weeks now. I'm feeling the best out of all of us, but I've had it about a week longer (3 weeks now). Still just have a nagging cough from the sinus drainage. All were tested for H1N1 and came out negative, nor have we had fevers.

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    Vaughn, wish it would have been better for you, but you never know what can come from people seeing your wares...maybe more future sales past the co-worker ones.

    BTW your booth looks great!
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    Vaughn, that is a good looking booth you had there. I have had a craft booth for many years at a local festival and I know oh too well about those long days when no one is buying. Now I only wish I could learn to turn bowls like yours. Very nice!


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