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Thread: Translation needed

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    Translation needed

    Over on our UK forum some of us are trying to achieve a really high gloss. I notice that a lot of you use something you call 'wipe on poly' Say poly to me and I think polyeurethane varnish which I doubt is what you are talking about. Could someone translate what this magic glossmaking fluid is please


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    Pete this is what most use...I've made some be thinning regular poly with mineral spirits 50/50. I also have used General Finishes Arm a Seal with good results.

    Hope this helps.
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    As Jeff said, most of us have used Minwax or another wipe-on polyurethane for anything from gloss to satin finishes. I've been shifting over to waterborne finishes and have been satisfied with Target USL and their WB conversion varnish. I usually spray all of my finishes and always use high gloss for all layers, then rub out the final coat to the sheen I want.
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    as Jeff said, I use a Min-wax polyurethane in either gloss or satin.
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