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Thread: Flat flatwork

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    Flat flatwork

    As I mentioned, I attempted to make some arched candle holders(Glenns method), but I lack the talent, and tried to take a short cut first attempt, then built the jig, but still managed to mess up. Trashed 2 blades on the bandsaw, and I decided to order new tires for the bandsaw wheels since I noticed I damaged them with the trashed blades.
    The chunk of wood I had glued up from scraps, today I decided to cut something out of it, to hold some voltives, and my wife said it looks like a sleigh, my daughter expected 3 arches, she wasnt thrilled.
    Flatwork gone flat.
    (I told my daughter life is full of dissapointments)
    I also sorted through the scraps since I cleaned up alot of the garage, and decided to make boards. I dont really enjoy the cutting board thing, because its time consuming and I dont sell them, only give them away as gifts, but my wife did ask me to make some gifts.
    I managed to get 6 made. 2 small ones, nothing special, had alot of 6-8 inch scraps, and 4 bigger ones. One of the bigger ones, the nicest I feel of all, ended up having a seam open a tiny bit. Now I dont know if I should give it as a gift, its inferior craftmanship. Take a look, should I trash it? (second seam from left)
    Not a good week for flatwork for me, too many mistakes, some costly ones.
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    looks great from here. that one seam.. if it really bugs you, cut it apart and reglue it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ned Bulken View Post
    looks great from here. that one seam.. if it really bugs you, cut it apart and reglue it.
    They look good from here, but I understand the reluctance to give away something you're not happy with. I've had cutting boards that I cut apart to fix a bad joint, along the lines of Ned's suggestion. I ended up cutting not only the bad joint open, but all the others that ran the same direction, so my strips would still all be the same width. It add a bit of time and makes the finished project a bit smaller, but it was worth it to my pride.
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    I cant bring myself to recut scraps that Ive jointed and planed and then have to recut and reglue.
    I think Ill let it go and use it as a surface when my wife puts a hot pot or dish on the table. It will serve some purpose.
    I was thinking about drilling out the center and making a kitchen clock out of it.

    I have some wolverine walnut that Im itching to try out and make a small hall table before I shut down for a few months.

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    First thought, run it across the table saw both edges and reglue. So, that isn't an option? Cut out a shape using a scroll saw, trace that edge on the board covering the split with a knife, cut that out and replace with an initial, shape, etc. ??? Nice work!!!!

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