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Thread: Incra LS Positioner & PRL V2 Router Lift

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    Incra LS Positioner & PRL V2 Router Lift

    I've not used these two tools as much as I'd like, but I have had the opportunity to use them a bit, I just wanted to say that so far, so good!

    For example, I made this little edge treatment, and I just wanted to show how nice it is to use these well made tools.

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    Here is the first pass I did on the edge, the bit is sharp, the wood is pine, and I'm not taking much off at all, just the corner, but the cut will need some sanding. With the PRL V2 router lift, I just left the cut a very minor amount short of the final cut I wanted, did the first pass, and then move the adjusting wheel with my thumb, raising the bit oh so very slightly upward, and then did a final cut.........

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    ......... boy that is a smooth cut, the thumb wheel is graduated to .002" so for the last cut, I maybe raised the bit .012" and then did the cut, dead simple and easy.

    Sure is nice using tools of this quality.

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    Very nice, Stu. I've had an LS for several years along with a Jessem lift that came with my Jet tablesaw package. I do much as you describe to get clean final cuts. Depending on the particular situation, I'll set either the fence or bit to the final position, then back off a little for the first cut before repositioning for the final cut. With a raised panel, I'll make the progression in three passes.
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    There are things you can do without but, there are things that make my shop time so much more enjoyable. Quality tools like the PRL are certainly among them. I enjoy that thing everytime I use it and have never had reason to criticize it.
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