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Thread: Another Friday so whatcha got planned for the weekend

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    Another Friday so whatcha got planned for the weekend

    I'll clean the shop Sat then get started on a re-vaneering project, Charlot race Sat nite. Church Sunday Morn then back in the shop so what are your plans for the weekend ?
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    Shop time tonight, some of it will be clean up as the curlies are getting kinda deep. Party to attend Saturday night for my daughter's friend, but adults and a few cold ones will be there too. .....hopefully more shop time Sunday.
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    Going to my muzzle loading club shoot tomorrow and hope I get back in time to see part of the Arkansas vs. Florida game.
    Sunday, church in a.m. Dunno rest of day, probably prepare for a Rev. Rifleman presentation I'm giving Thursday to the local Rotary.
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    Seven drawer dresser both on saturday and sunday. Shop tidying.
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    So far, the weekend looks like this:

    LOML got us tickets to the "Miss Rosethorn Pageant". Yes, Rosethorn! Local policemen and firefighters in drag on stage for voting! (I think I'll have a few brewskies before we go!

    Install a new mailbox on a 4x4 post I "planted" yesterday. The concrete will be setup plenty good by then. Later, I'll settle in for the race at Charlotte. Go, Jimmy!

    A day of rest, for sure. I'll start by preparing breakfast for us. Later in the day it'll probably be ribeyes on the barbie. LOML rewards me well when I do that!
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    Saturday is the turning a dinky bowl from a giant tree trunk class I signed up for at the Rockler store.

    Sunday is one of my grandsons 2nd birthday party.

    Sunday evening will probably try and sort out the placement of my DC and hoses.
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    going over to the truly dark side with this next batch of honey porter. i'll be using buckwheat honey instead of the lighter clover. then it's vacation time! i'll only be getting out of bed for times of dire necessity.
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