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Thread: War Eagle craft show

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    War Eagle craft show

    Spent the last several days in Eureka Springs Arkansas - Nearest available RV site to War Eagle. Very large craft show in NW Arkansas. RAIN and more rain -- mud parking in a large field. But it did not stop the people from coming.

    There were several (5-6)turners present with full range of turnings, some were the quality of a beginner to very well done professionals.

    Did not see many buying the better art/crafts but the very cheap (china made) crap was really selling... at one time this stuff was not allowed in the show.

    The rain and the mud did not stop us from having a good time. The fall colors in the beautiful Ozarks in not at its peak yet but close....

    Visit some time if you can...
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    It has been a long times since we went to War Eagle and it was very muddy then.
    The show/sale used to be very strictly juried. Seems things have changed. We know the folks who own the property and run things.
    I have friends in Eureka Springs, interesting place.
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