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Thread: NYW ending production

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    NYW ending production

    Kinda thought it was going to happen but just saw this.....end of an era for sure!

    New Yankee Workshop Closing its Doors
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    life is to short and we just lost another part of it.. he has done alot for all woodworkers in one form or another.
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    Yeah, the rumors have been there for what, a year or so? Sad to see him leave the air waves. Maybe on future shows we will get to see something built for the house they are working on that is built in his own shop. Jim.
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    Twenty one years is an impressive run -- I'm gonna miss him.
    He inspired me back into woodworking after my father passed away.


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    I'm gonna miss the program but, fortunately, I recorded several of the episodes I found most helpful. Here's to Norm!
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    There are no more Woodworking shows on any of the different channels. I'm going to miss Norm. I never missed a show.

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    Norm will be missed here as well. Long live the plaid...............

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    Yup, never missed a show either.
    Watching him gave me the desire to get back into woodworking also.
    I've met Norm and Tom Silva several times. One of my customers in Massachusetts has them as customers and I've bumped into them in their showroom while they were buying tools and fasteners. Norm is as genuine and down to earth as he seems on TV. Tom not quite as much.
    I get a little tired of This old House though. It annoys the heck out of me to see all the top of the line and fanciest everything they put into the homes. They need to do more average typical family kind of projects. In my opinion anyway.
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    Oh boy another sad blow to woodworking. Does anyone know if its going to be replaced. Guess i might as well get rid of the TV now. One thing for sure no point in me having one in my shop. I will get sick if i see another reality show come out in its place.

    Do we all take this lying down and accept it as inevitable or do we right to pbs. I thought PBS stood for Public Broadcasting Service. Guess woodworkers aint public anymore.

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    Norm was certainly an inspiration to me. His humble demeaner and his logical explanations made believe I could build tools, furniture etc. I will miss NYW!

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