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Thread: Another couple of pieces from before the surgery

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    Another couple of pieces from before the surgery

    These are two other pieces I was working on before I got herniated...
    the first is a hollow form from box elder.. some flame and looks like its beginning to spalt some too... about 9 inche diameter x 6 inches high with wipe on poly.

    The last piece is another piece of the oak from my friend's tree... just an odd chuck of wood that I tried to get arts - fartsy (can I say that here) with... it's pretty thick with a natural edge... a couple coats of wipe on poly there too.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 43-831-2.JPG   43-831-9.JPG   43-831.JPG   10-834.JPG   10-834-2.JPG  

    Tellico Plains, TN
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    nice looking pieces. I've never seen wood like that box elder before. very beautiful.
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    Very nice looking pieces. Really like the box elder.
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    Nicely done. I like the box elder.

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