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Thread: Whiteside router bits

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    Whiteside router bits

    I just bought from Amazon the Whiteside router bit #2710. It has two bearings, one on top and one on the bottom, thus ideal for template work. My question is that I can't find the bit in the Whiteside catalog. Also has anybody used this bit and what has been their experience with it.

    Thanks, DKT

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    here is the place that i get bits from,, and they have it listed.. here is the link to it but i dont have that one so cant help you in the reveiw of it
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    I have the 7/8" diameter version (2715?). Whiteside are my favorite bits with Freud running a close second. Holbren is my preferred supplier for price and low shipping costs. For flush or pattern trimming, I use the largest diameter that will follow the curve as this gives me the smoothest result. I think you will be quite happy running this bit at speeds above 20k rpm. One of the joys of a top and bottom bearing bit is that you can almost always route 'downhill' avoiding tearout ;-)
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