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Thread: Returning from the LOA

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    Returning from the LOA

    Its been a long time since I have been on FWW.... too long.... Just looking at all the posts, I can tell I have missed a lot. Things have been very busy for me.....1 year old, 4 year old, 2 jobs, house projects, and a tiny bit of shop time when I can. All of that hasn't left much time for any thing on the computer.

    I continue to work part time at my local WoodCraft store. I use the term "work" loosely as it is really more fun. Since working there I have started doing various product type demos along with teaching an very basic introductory pen turning class. The class has been alot of fun for me. I would like to maybe branch out and do classes on some other topics. We did have a cutting board class scheduled for me to teach, but no one signed up for it, so its a no-go this time.

    In my absence here, I have done several projects that I will be sure to post soon. One is already up in the turning section.
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    Hey Sean, good to see you drop in. Sounds like things are going well, even if they are busy.
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    Good to see you Sean, and being busy is good!

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    Glad yur back sean
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    Look forward to seeing some of these projects Welcome Back

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    Hello again Sean, good to hear from you.
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    Welcome back Sean! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects.

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    Good to see your around again Sean. !!
    Best regards,

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