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Thread: Rockler Dovetail Jig

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    Rockler Dovetail Jig

    Is this any good? Does anybody have one? They have it on the deal of the day, so for 109 and free shipping. Can a guy go wrong?

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    You have to consider how much you'll use it. I had one and sold it. Two problems: It takes a lot of fiddling to set it up and it's fixed spacing. The fixed spacing means you have to make your drawers to fit the jig, rather than the other way around.

    If you don't do a lot of dovetails, learn how to do them by hand. A jig is best when you're going to do a lot of the same thing.

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    I have the older version of this jig and it works really well for half blind dovetails. I have yet to try it on through dovetails. They have made set up a bit simpler in the new version.
    On my last set of drawers I made rabbeted dovetails. These were a nightmare to figure out since the instructions had the pictures transposed with another drawer front.. But once I figured out the error the drawers came out perfectly.
    All in all I really like this jig and for the price its well worth it in my opinion.
    I would like to learn how to make hand cut dovetails like the masters do but I don't have the energy to hand cut dozens of pieces.
    Harbor Freight also has a jig that looks very similar to the Rockler. In fact thats how I learned about the mistake in the Rockler instructions. I downloaded the HF instructions and they were similar if not more detailed than the ones that came with my jig. HF had the right pictures for the instructions.
    Anyway, at $109.00 if I didn't already have one I would buy it.
    To answer your question, I have it, I really like it, and it performs very well.
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    I have the older version of that. Like Mike said, so long as your drawer side thickness and heights are exactly the same all the time, it would be OK. I also had issues with hardwoods, such as hard maple where the clamps didn't seem to hold the wood in place as well, but like I said, I have the older version.

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    Thanks once again for the info. Thinking I better give this a pass, as I have spent more money than expected here lately.

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    FWW did a roundup in 2006 that echoed some of the comments here. The final paragraph on the Rockler said:

    "The jig's overall design is problematic. Unlike the others, the Rockler template is stationary, and a separate fence limits the rearward travel of the router base. This requires too much math and test-fitting to arrive at a snug, flush joint--especially when switching from one type of joint to another."

    Their best value was the Porter Cable 4212 (or the 4210 for only half-blind dovetails).

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