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Thread: Homemade double ended calipers?

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    Homemade double ended calipers?

    Has anyone made themselves a set of double ended calipers?. I looked at a few catalogs to buy a set and find they are $30.00 or more. Seems kind of expensive for what they are. I was wondering if a pair of these could be cut out of thin plywood or similar material with a simple screw in the middle? Anyone?

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    Just about any durable thinnish material will do. Thin plywood, lexan, poly carbonate, perspex, MDF, PVC sheeting, Aluminum etc.

    I have made mine out of polycarbonate, unable to show any pics as I moved house recently and most of my gear is still packed up

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    I have a pair...about 20 plus shipping. Willing to sell for 5 plus shipping.If you watch Lyle Jameisons "Bowl Turing the Eazy Way" you will find ou just how wothless they are. You can probably pick up calipers (6-8") [12-16" bowl] at any woodworing or craft store for under $10. My most worthless purchase.
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