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Thread: Little wood Ivory project

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    Little wood Ivory project

    Muzzle Loader season is here and I could not find my powder measure and ball starter. Drill and epoxy and good to go. This will hold about 120 gr. Larry I think you'll like this one.

    I like it when the effort is minimized LOL

    most of you know but for new guys I built these 2 Flint Locks the currly maple is a 54 cal and the cherry is a 50 cal.
    the Cherry 50 will be packing a good 95 gr load and round ball, Last year she laid a buck down with a shot to the white of the chest and the ball traveled down the spine half way, dropping him in his tracks at 50 yards.

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    what is that made from dave..thats one big tooth
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    Cool Oh boy way to cool again....

    Oh boy I am drooling again. You sure know how to push the buttons Dave. Those rifles are ....WOW.

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    Cool rifles Dave, and powder measure.

    A question if I may. Frank Fusco mentioned me that maple grain can be enhanced using nitric acid, and that that technique is widely used for people who build their own gunstocks.

    Did you use it on your curly maple rifle? If so is there a specific way or proportion to use it?
    I'm asking because I tried it without much success.

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards,

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    Very nice flintlocks. Nice indeed.

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