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Thread: Patting myself on the back

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    Patting myself on the back

    I have only been turning for about 3 years. In those 3 years I have not been able to spend any real amount of time turning. Things like work, honey dos and life in general keep getting in the way. Where I work we decided to get into a Cancer fund drive and walk. The store did not put up any money but every one did help to raise some.
    My way was to enter one of my pens into an auction. Proud to say it was the biggest money maker in the auction. Turned out to make me a little money when 2 of the bidders just had to have one. I didn't think it was that special but I always find something wrong with my stuff. Going to try a picture, Thanks for looking.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Geez, id like to have one of those as well! Great pen and original idea!

    What did you do to roll the printed circuit board on it?

    I'm pretty sure that many techkkies would love to have one!

    The box is also great! thanks for posting!
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    Toni I got the pen blank at Woodcraft. I can only wish I had that much talent to make that up.

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    Dennis that is a great looking pen. I have seen those kits but never turned one. You did a very nice job. You should be proud!


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    Patting myself on the back

    Hey,you have good reason to pat yourself on the back,beautifull work,and you did a good thing for a great cause.

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    No wonder that sold for a good price. It's a great-looking pen.
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    Great looking pen and no wonder it sold well. Isn't it great to get orders after that.
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    nice job and a very unique pen
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