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Thread: Bringing a clamp back to life.

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    Bringing a clamp back to life.

    Some weeks ago I posted a question about how to fix a clamp that tends to loosen, and there were no clear answers but lots of inputs that I appreciated very much.

    No wanting to take drastic measures as in pic one.
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    I had the idea of drilling a hole in the back of the lower jaw, tapped it and insert a bolt that would narrow the gap and provide an anchor point with the hope that it would work.

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    To test the hold, I clamped my bench and gave it a 100 yanks both from the handle and from the bar ( I do not know if that part of the clamp has a special name) and it held very well, so now I have clamp for another 20 years.Click image for larger version. 

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    BTW I forgot to mention that once in place and adjusted I fixed the bolt with loctite for threads to avoid it getting loose as well.
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    Great fix Toni. Glad it worked..
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