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Thread: makita chuck problem

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    makita chuck problem

    I have the 10.8v pair of makita's with the 1/4 hex quick release chuck and I noticed that some dewalt 1/4 drive bits I have wouldn't fit.

    The other day I was using it with a drill/countersink bit and now I can't get the bit out.

    Has anyone else had this issue or know how to get the bit out as it's rather useless at the moment?
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    I have had the same problem. I got the bit holders in the makita but I couldn't make them seat or lock.
    I probably have a dozen or more magnetic bit holders sitting around and had to dig through all of them to find 1 or 2 that fit the makita. Why? I have no clue.
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    I have had problems with a quick release chuck after frequent use (or storing) of magnetized bits in them. The little ball bearings (which my version use as the locking mechanism) would get magnetized and not move as they should. I found while holding the release collar back that blowing compressed air down the shaft of the bit and/or diligent fiddling (all while holding the collar in the release position) would finally do the trick. I keep a set of bits that I never use with magnetic holders in an old Altoids tin (just to keep them separated, there's nothing special about the tin) and haven't had the problem since. YMMV.
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    Is it STUCKSTUCK, or is only stuck? There's a difference - "only stuck" means you can wiggle it a little, while "STUCKSTUCK" means it feels like it's welded in place. If it's "only stuck", Glen's (once per time) solution of compressed air will get ya by till you can get the little steel balls demagnetized. If it's STUCKSTUCK, it may've rusted just enough to bind it together. A good thorough soaking in white vinegar (yep, I mean that) will probably loosen it up if that's the case, followed by a real drenching in WD-40 to drive the vinegar back out.
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    It doesn't wiggle at all but I only put the bit in a few days ago and it was brand new. I'll try the compressed air trick and give some wd40 a shot as well.

    I'm probably going to write to Makita and see what they say. The tools are less than a year old and it seems rediculous to have to have a special set of bits to fit.
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