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    Board Buddies

    I just picked up a pair of board buddies and was reading through the instructions and it says to mount the optional sliding track on an auxiliary wood fence. Is there a reason I should not mount the sliding track right to the fence? I have a delta unisaw with a beisemeyer fence. It seems like I can just mount right to the top of the metal of the fence and would not have to worry about the wood auxiliary fence.

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    Chris, my "GUESS" would be that most likely they suggest this for two reasons. The first being that if the track was mounted directly to the top of the fence, it would probably be in the way of several other jigs that can easily be used on an unobstructed Biese Fence. The second reason is that if you mount it on a board, you can fasten the track several times along the track using the predrilled holes, to the board, and only have to drill 2 holes in the fence to mount the board, thereby not weakening the fence with a lot of holes, and making it easily removed if you want to use some other jig on the fence. Other than those two reasons, I cannot see why you couldn't mount it directly to the top of the fence, (although I personally would not do that, given the reasons mentioned above).
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    I have drilled and taped min fence so the track was mounted to it. If the need arises that it is in the way, just unscrew it. I have heard of others doing the same as me without any problems.

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    Screw it to the fence and forget about the wood.....

    The wood thing doesn't make any sense. Think about it. You either screw the track to the fence ORRRRRRRR.... the wood to the fence and the track to the wood.


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