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Thread: Next 2 projects...

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    Next 2 projects...

    Finally the store is opening tommorow, officially. It's been a long road for sure. Of course I thought of something last night I need to change on my CD. I think I am going to put a link on the CD to an unpublished page of my web site where I will post updates or changes to the manual. That way my customers that have bought can down load any changes I might make.

    Anyway, assuming there isn't a big rush of orders for kits (I am hoping but I am a realist) I am going to start to development on two new boats. I would like to do them at the same time but I am not sure I have the space? Well it's more am I willing to commit that much space. It's bad enough walking around and around and around one boat. I have a feeling two boats in the shop at one time might make it feel like I am hiking instead of building boats.

    Vardo is going to be my touring/beginner boat. It will be a very stable boat making it more comfortable for newbies. Plus it will have more volume which means more storage space.

    I constantly see the wish list of newbies on different forums and most have camping on that list. Even though very, very few kayakers ever actually camp our of their boats. But, I need to offer what they want!

    This is a boat I have wanted to build for a long time. It is long and lean and should be a pretty quick boat. Not that I care to work that hard just to go fast, but for some reason I have been fascinated with this boat since I came up with the idea for it. I am finally going to get to build it.

    I think this boat will appeal to the more experienced kayaker that does enjoy a good workout. It will have a very none traditional style to it that should make it stand out in a crowd of boats too.

    Hopefully I will start on these this week. Got to restock my shop though, I have exhausted my wood supplies.
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    Cool-looking kayaks, Jeff. Looking foreward to seeing how they turn out.
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    good luck on both - you may need to expand your shop if orders pick up hugh ? ...........nice designs and look forward to the pics as you make them
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    Oh, NICE!

    I hope Leo gets a good look at this thread - he's a kayak man through & through.

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    Sweet looking boats Jeff. Looking forward to seeing them in progress.
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    The best of luck with it all, and keep posting, I certainly enjoy the "Work in progress" threads!
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