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Thread: Knotted Curly Maple HF

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    Knotted Curly Maple HF

    Every once in awhile I grab some of the ugliest chunks of wood and turn them just to see what if. This piece was roughed out a year ago and set aside to dry. Sure enough, the knots cracked as well as the stressed areas of the form as it dried. Oh well. Filled in the holes and cracks with epoxy mixed with used coffee grounds and turned it anyway.

    Maple hollow form with lots of curl, knots, bark and even a small branch. It is 7” in diameter x 6 ½” high and turned to 1/8” with the exception of the very bottom which was left at about Ύ” for ballast. As thin as this piece is, it is actually heavier than you would expect when you pick it up. Sanded to 320 and finished with multiple coats of gloss poly.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Knotted Curly Maple HF v1.JPG 
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Name:	Knotted Curly Maple HF v2.JPG 
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Name:	Knotted Curly Maple HF v3.JPG 
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Name:	Knotted Curly Maple HF v4.JPG 
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Name:	Knotted Curly Maple HF v5.JPG 
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    As always, your comments, opinions and critiques are welcome!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Steve, I can only wish I could turn something like that. I think it turned out very nice. Makes me rethink about my firewood pile. Nice form.


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    What're you using for a hollowing system, Steve?
    -- Tim --

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    That's another nice one Steve. You seem to have an unending supply of nice ugly maple.
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    Thanks guys - I appreciate the kind words!

    Tim - I used Randy's captured Monster system for this one. Didn't want to risk the articulated system as the cracks/voids went all the way into the form and really grabbed the bit when first starting to hollow. I have the captured set up/worn in so that it is very smooth to operate - so I just finished the piece with it.

    Vaughn - yup - still gots lots of maple rough outs to finish up before I have to go back out and find more wood. Nice thing about our area is there is an abundance of maple and I have gotten to the point I really like the curly stuff!

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    Knotted curly Maple HF

    WOW,beautifull work

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    Another winner Steve, you are putting the old adage of "Can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear" on it's head

    I really think the contrast of the "Flaws" compared to the rest of the wood, by using the dark colored fill is really cool!
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    Another beauty Steve. Really nice form and finish.
    Bernie W.

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    Very cool, Steve. Well done.

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    Your projects amaze me
    Beautiful work.
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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