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Thread: DC woes

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    DC woes

    Hi everyone

    Awhile ago I built the WOOD magazine cyclone DC. It uses a cartridge filter from a truck I think as the output filter and a garbage can as the collector for the chips.

    I've been having problems with the filter/lines getting packed with chips, the cyclone isn't doing its thing.

    I think it is because I have a bad seal between the garbage can top and the can itself, therefore air is flowing into the system and causing the chips to go up into the exhaust line.

    This is the second time it has happened in the past three months, all of a sudden I notice that the DC isn't sucking, which by the way sucks, and I"ve got to tear it apart, vacuum out the filter and put it back together.

    I bought some backer bead over the weekend, split it and used caulk to attach it to the edge of the can to try to make a better seal.

    I can't find any other good gasket material at the borgs, I was using the peel and stick window gasket stuff but I think that was too thin, or not robust enough to last over time.

    Any suggestions? I am thinking about getting some of that "flat twine" plastic wrap and just sealing the lip once the can top is on, and cutting it off when I need to empty.

    I'm thinking of one of those cardboard type containers with the steel locking ring on the top but I don't even know what they are called so I can start searching for them!


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    jay, the cardboard ones are called fiber drums in these parts....tod
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    I used a wide lipped plastic rubbermaid laundry basket, the wide lip allowes me to put three circles of weather striping along the lip. Then I clamped a MDF top cut to fit the rubbermaid tub. The tub is solid of course and heavy guage plastic as well.
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    Heres what I mean:
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    The lip is wide enough that I can put three rows of weather stripping "rings"

    I use the kind you find at the Borgs with an adhesive strip. I tried the sponge stuff but it quickly lost its elasticity so I changed to the 'rubber' kind.

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    Thanks! Now that you've told me, of course I knew what they are called! Need more caffine!


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    Thanks for the pics


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    Jay - I have the Oneida Dust Gorilla. You can buy the drum and flange kit from them. Mine is great. Easy to use and has a great seal.

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