A very nice looking 1953(?) Unisaw. This belongs a friend of mine, it was her fathers and she inherited it. I saw it today and it has obviously been repainted at some time. It is now a two tone gray. It looks very nice thought and I think they are asking a very fair price. R/I motor but no motor tag. They said it was a new motor, I assume that means it went to the motor shop and was reworked.

It has the original... pre Jet Lock fence. Rails have a little rust on them but otherwise this is a nice saw. I did not take the top off or look inside. It has the right dust door on it, no goose egg. I did not hear it run but that can be arranged I am sure. If your serious about a Unisaw this one is well worth looking at.

I have photos on my other computer. If your serious drop me a note and I will find them and email to you. I will get you in contact with Kim