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Thread: Craftsman Parallel Clamps (New)

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    Craftsman Parallel Clamps (New)

    I just received my Sears mailer and they are offering parallel clamps now that look suspisciously like Bessy's new Revo Clamps. Member pricing appears pretty good. 40" for $49.99. Both jaws are adjustable and mulitiple accessories available. Anyone out there tried or seen these clamps up close?


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    More than a $1 an inch my pipe clamps are looking better all the time.
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    Craftsman Parallel Clamps (New)

    Ya think?

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    Craftsman tools have lost a lot of their appeal to me over the years, their quality and quality control seem to be less than the past. There are diamonds in the rough though, I haven't handled or used the clamps you discuss, if you buy them, let us all know what you think of them.

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