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Thread: Some More Projects and More Finish Questions

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    Some More Projects and More Finish Questions

    I had the day free and spent most of it finishing or working on projects I had laying around. My problem and question relates to the Mesquite wood that i turn. I have applied oil both AO and BLO the the turnings - 3 coats usually and when they dry i get a light white haze to them. The haze will disappear after i apply Laquer (which is what i usually do post oil and letting them sit for days to weeks).
    Pictures below and explanation of where i am in the finish process.

    Picture 1 - Mesquite with 2 coats of BLO (BLO with 1/3 Mineral Spirits) Now day 2 of drying with light white haze
    Picture 2 - Mesquite with 2 coats of BLO as above - No haze showing yet
    Picture 3 - Mesquite - Oil soaked in BLO/Turp/Gloss Varnish x 12 days and dried for 2 weeks - getting first coat of Laquer in the picture.
    This bowl came out very dark and looks better than the pic shows - im sure due to extended soaking - However, it was buffed post oil soak and it looked like crap so it was wiped down with mineral spirits and first coat of laquer was applied as i said above.
    Picture 4 - 2 coats of AO and first coat of laquer applied - looks good so far
    Picture 5 - Mesquite Vessel with 1 coat BLO and 2 of AO - haze showing and still drying tomm will be day 5
    Picture 6 - Mesquite Vessel same as above
    Picture 7 - Mesquite with Analine dye and 6 coats of Laquer - no problems
    Picture 8 - Logs the Gardner dropped off - not sure if ill cut for firewood or turn some (Its Pine - exact species unknown)

    My big issue is with all the above is what is the best way to finish Mesquite - it does have pores which i will usually wet sand with the oils up to 400 or 500 grit and does help to fill them but still the finishes so far i think lack in something...............

    Any ideas gang ??????????
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mesquite-1.jpg   Mesquite-2.jpg   Mesquite-3.jpg   Mesquite-4.jpg   Mesquite 5.jpg  

    Mesquite-6.jpg   Vessel-Green.jpg   Large Pine Logs.jpg  
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