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Thread: Jobless Survey

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    Jobless Survey

    Hello All,

    Just a curious survey request. If you are currently looking for work because your employer downsized your job out the door would you please post the following.

    1. Your job.
    2. The company or business type.
    3. How long had you worked there.
    4. How long have you been searching for work.
    5. Why do you think your job was eliminated.

    Sadly I will start:

    1. Your job - Data Center Administrator
    2. The company or business type - BEHR Paint (Corporate)
    3. How long had you worked there - 6 years
    4. How long have you been searching for work - 12 months
    5. Why do you think your job was eliminated - Houses aren't selling, so no one is painting.
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    1. Your job. Technical Writer/Editor. Held various other positions over the years, including Director of Technical Research (which was also the head of Tech Support) and Director of Product Development, but regardless of the title, I also handled all tech writing and editing.
    2. The company or business type. Computer software, primarily defragmentation software
    3. How long had you worked there. 17 1/2 years
    4. How long have you been searching for work. 8 months
    5. Why do you think your job was eliminated. Reduction in staff due to reduced sales figures. My duties were dumped on a new graphic designer with no writing or editing experience, who is paid less than I was.

    I'm now at the point where I'm trying to decide if I really want to continue doing the same type of work, or if this is the time to try something completely different.
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    Since I'm retired, this really doesn't apply to me...but
    Job: International shipping manager
    Company: An export packing company in Houston
    How long: 10 years (total of over 40 years in business at various companies)
    Search: Not looking at this time.... things could change
    Why: Job wasn't eliminated... volunteerly left. (I was getting really tired of the grind)
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    1. Software engineer
    2. Novell, Inc.
    3. About five years
    4. Exactly one year today, 'cept for a little part-time consultant work in the interim
    5. They moved all the production & maintenance work for that project to Bangladesh.
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    1. Your job. - Scheduling Manager for engineering dept
    2. The company or business type. - Weyerhaeuser, Engineered lumber/roof and floor systems
    3. How long had you worked there. - 7 1/2 years-
    4. How long have you been searching for work. - 7 months
    5. Why do you think your job was eliminated. - Commercial real estate is in the dumper.

    Prior to Weyerhaeuser I was a regional manager for an MRO outsourcing company, terminal manager for a small trucking company, and a purchasing agent for a community college.
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    Your form doesn't apply to use self employed types but my work is down to part time. 2 jobs a week is doing good for me. Hanging in there and have been able to devote a huge amount of time to the kayak biz startup. But my income is way down. Slow Real Estate sales are the reason.
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    1. Your job: Landscape Architect
    2. The company or business type: Multi-discipline Engineering
    3. How long had you worked there: 3 years, but 15 years in this profession
    4. How long have you been searching for work: Since March
    5. Why do you think your job was eliminated:Housing and commercial devevelopment ground to a halt...job is closely tied to new development and/or redevelopment

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    Job, Carpenter
    Company, Most recently Sooke School board
    worked there , 6 months
    1 month looking for work but with prospects on the horizion and a possible call back next year.
    Government cut backs as to the reason I am currently looking.

    I have been in the business for over 25 yrs working for numerous different contractors and companies as well as being self employed. From residential construction and commercial up to Industrial. Mostly in Northern BC but the past 9 yrs here in Victoria. Like Jeff said this survey doesn't really apply to me. This is just the nature of the beast. Boom and bust. I have done lots of my own contracting but now that I am getting older and feeling the years of abuse I have puit my body through I classify myself as semi retired and work in my small shop building things for me and to sell. I look at it as a mini vacation and refuse to get stressed at what is going to happen.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with each of you.

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