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Thread: Sweet little plane!

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    Sweet little plane!

    Jim D.
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    That is a sweet little plane!
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    That is so cool. A great gift idea - and it can actually be used.

    Ancora imparo
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    When I got that mailing, I honestly checked the calender to see if it was April 1st

    It is a sweet little plane, I can imagine it being of use, especially to those that work in the smaller scale, small boxes etc.

    of course, it came out about two days after I'd ordered my latest batch of stuff from LV, or I'd have added it to my order, it is so small, it would not have affected the shipping cost.

    Oh well, it could make a good addition to the Christmas list!
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    Too cool, and that's indeed an amazing price. I just added one to my wish list for future reference.
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