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Thread: Evolution for cyclone blower

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    Evolution for cyclone blower

    Thought I wopuld share this transition as it came out pretty good.

    I needed a transition for my blower. I wasnt happy with the Borg bought "register" type so I decided to make a custom fitted evolution.

    I used a spread sheet calculator to determine the bends to transition form a 5-1/2"x7" rectangle to a 6-1/8" dia circle. (You can find a link for the calculator somewhere on Bill Pentz's website)

    I plotted out a full scale template of the transition then transfered the shape to a 16gua sheet of galv steel.

    Attachment 3470
    Most of the tools for cutting

    Attachment 3471
    The templet

    Attachment 3472
    cutting it out

    Attachment 3473
    I taped it down to the sheet of galv steel so I could trace the shape

    Attachment 3474
    tracing the shape

    Attachment 3475
    I used a nail to mark the end and start of the lines.

    Attachment 3476
    my shape is done

    Attachment 3477
    connect the dents

    Attachment 3478
    looks good

    Attachment 3479
    I cut the sheet so I could trim the shape better.

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    Attachment 3480
    Cutting the shape. Make sure you use these rubber plamed gloves, Best thing for handling sharp steel.

    Attachment 3481
    The template ready for bending

    Attachment 3482
    Piece of cake on the "Stu Ablett" Break(modified)

    Attachment 3483
    All the bends made

    Attachment 3484
    fits perfect

    Attachment 3485
    Now I can attach the 6" street elbow.

    This gives me a good bend at a short distance. I made the evolution to only extend 4" since I did not have much room.
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    Too bad you had to use a 90 elbow instead of two 45, but the space thing can really suck!

    Nice job, that brake looks like it works good!

    I've only used mine a handful of times, but each time, it is the only tool that would do the job, and for $10 in steel, it was worth it to me!

    Nice job, as usual, Julio!
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    Nice work, Julio. You've proven that you can fit a square peg into a round hole. Looks like this must be the week for sheet metal mods to DC systems, huh?
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    Thats funny Vaughn! I never thought of that...square peg in a round hole!

    I saw your mods for the DC, Vaughn. Looks like you'll get nice performance from it now.

    Thanks Stu! Your absolutely right, that is the only tool for that job.

    I ordered the second filter from Wynn and should be here ina few days.

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    Good info to find. I've got the PDF's to build the Wood cyclone ( that I bought on sale for $2 years ago that I want to build for the new shop.

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    Nice work!
    I'd like to know more about the "Stu Ablett brake"


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    Ditto on more about the brake.

    Also, nice shots. Did you have someone shoot you in action or did you stage each shot and use the remote or timed shutter?

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    "transferred the shape to a 16gua sheet of galv steel."

    Read this 3 times...20 Ga. would have been plenty. You should be able to almost park a truck on it @ 16 ga.
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