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Thread: Is this the mother of all lathes

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    Is this the mother of all lathes

    Heres one for the turner who has everything ...or wants everything

    The Vicmarc VL600 swings around 1200mm or 47.5 inches
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    don't let larry see it, he'll want one!
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    Man, that puppy looks like it could sure handle an out of balance bottle stopper blank.
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    I think it is use to make pens.. A must have for the new pen kits..
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    I had to look at both pictures twice to understand all the positions and gyrations possible.
    I'm sure the price is.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Noren View Post
    don't let larry see it, he'll want one!
    it does appear to be a stoutly built machine and its not yelo either
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    Not bad for a lathe, hopefully it will have enough power to spin what it is suposed to spin
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    I've had a shopbuilt lathe in progress for years now. If I ever finish it (WHEN, when I make enough shop time to do it), it'll swing 7' outboard. Only 24" inboard, though. That VicMarc swings it all INBOARD.

    Na, I can't imagine ever needing seven full feet. I don't imagine I'll ever even swing 24" of wood inboard on mine, but it's there.
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    It is my understanding from the Australian sight that it was posted on, that the head rotates as well. Not sure if that is true or not. Also that outboard it will swing 98".

    I think I have found my new lottery lathe.


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    Just think of the bowls you could make with that.
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