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Thread: Greetings from Taiwan

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    Greetings from Taiwan


    I just signed up a couple days ago. I am currently living in Taiwan and plan to retire next year to my home near Minot ND… 391 days or less. I learned some woodworking from my father years ago but haven’t been able to do much of anything since. He was a master cabinet builder and I have several pieces, a Grandfather Clock, Pillar and Scroll and some other pieces.

    I have been planning for retirement for several years and have been outfitting a shop for the last 5 years. Though I haven’t been able to spend much time in ND, only twice a year. I enjoy woodturning and plan to get into turning some varmint calls and pens.

    I’m looking forward to picking your brains

    -- Minotbob

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    Welcome to the family Bob!

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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Great to have you Bob.
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    Welcome, Bob! Good to meet you!
    -- Tim --

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    Welcome aboard! I'm sure you'll have great fun once you can spend some time out in the ole shop!
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    Welcome Bob! I made it to Taiwan several times when I was in the Navy, Very fond memories!
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    Welcome to the Family Bob!

    Soneone near my time zone
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    Welcome Bob !!
    I traveled to Taiwan several times to introduce their government engineers to our concrete rail tie fasteners.
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    Welcome to the Family, Bob.
    A Yank in Taiwan, interesting.
    Maybe, as we go along, you can help clear up confusions with what some call 'tai chi' tools made in Taiwan. Do you have any connection with companies that make tools?
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    I can answer any of your questions about any Boeing airplanes but not Taiwan built tools unfortunately. In fact most of the Taiwan made tools are not sold here. I tried to buy some Grizzly tools and was told no dice.


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