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Thread: Round Top Euro 8mm Premium

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    Round Top Euro 8mm Premium

    Chrome Double Twist Ballpoint dressed in Solomon Island Queen Ebony.
    This beautiful Queen Ebony is from Eliza (Elizaleahy), a member of the Australia's Woodwork Forum. Thank you Eliza!

    I have found that either Chrome or Sterling Silver plating really shows off the darker woods.

    The instructions for assembly hide the Twist Holder Ring inside the Center Band. I shorten the tenon just enough to show part of the Twist Holder Ring, which to my eye looks much better that hiding the Twist Holder Ring.

    The Queen Ebony is finished with 6 coats of MinWax Clear Gloss Polyurethane.

    As always comments and or suggestions appreciated.
    Thanks for looking.


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    Wow, that is one sophisticated looking pen. Real class
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    I really like this one, Les. I agree with you about the way silver or chrome compliment dark woods.
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    Your finish, as always, is spectacular.
    The jury is still out on exposing part of the twist ring.
    I'm a gold guy myself, believe gold looks more elegant with the dark woods.
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    Beautiful Euro Les. Really nice finish.
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