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Thread: shutters, moldings,mahogany

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    shutters, moldings,mahogany

    First, Id like to thank Dave Hawksford for taking the time to answer me in PMs to explain exactly how to brown the redness of my finished product.

    Made moldings,(outside door trim) rosettes, and 2 shutters out of mahogany.
    Did not stain the shutters yet, or glue them yet, just finished.
    I used Thompsons sealant clear, and sikkens srd mahogany shade to finish.
    It came out too red.
    Reluctantly, I hung the door trim outside, and in the sun, its really red.
    My wife absolutely loves it. I hate both the color and the header I made, which due to an error, had to change, but my wife said its fine, she likes it.

    Now IM stuck with a header I dont care for, and a color I dont care for.
    My house is light tan wooden shakes in front, and all the trim was dark brown.
    I didnt mind a little reddish tones, but eh.....

    So Dave told me to mix in green tint with the sikkens and brown it up.
    And I did, Aboffs here on LI was kind enough to give me a little green tint for free today.
    I have not redone the trim around the door yet, I have not cleared it with the wife, but regardless I think, that red is coming down a shade or two.
    IF I can, I will also rip the header down, since I put it up there to withstand a hurricane, now I cant pry it off, but will wait till later in the week and give it a shot.
    Im going to finish the shutters with the original sikkens, then second coat it with the newer brown shade to match the door trim.
    Ill post a picture of the door trim when I have the door painted and the final shade I decided on with input from my wife.

    Ive never done any real work in my home or on my home besides painting or wallpaper, none I do well.
    My work is mostly experimental, hit or miss, but its an experience, so maybe when my son buys his first home within a year or two, I can do better work for him if Im healthy enough.(or hell ban me from touching a swithplate in his home)
    Heres the shutters I made, 14 inch by 54 inch, raised panel, all solid mahogany.Unfinished as of now.
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    Nice Allen. That shutter looks like a piece of fine furniture.
    Man, I wish I had your energy.
    It sure is great to have all the talent here for help and pointers.
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    That'll do nicely Allen.
    Don Orr

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    simple design, simple house, simple woodworker

    title describes it all.
    Im not happy with the header,(no what I originally wanted as stated, wrong cuts messed me up, and I wanted some cove buildup on top, so most likely it will be replaced, just not at this time.
    Mailbox will be replaced with new brass one.(maybe wood)
    There are 4 inch house numbers(bright brass) on the header, took down to restain.
    On Daves advice, I added green tint to the mahogany colored sikkens srd.
    Now Im happy, its a much richer darker brown, and even though this isnt a show home, just a box, if Im putting up anything, I want to be happy with it.
    I stained the shutters with the original sikkens, so I will get an exact match when I restain them with the darker more brown shade.(I added a pinch of black dye also to darken it up.)
    I made about half a quart of new colored stain, 4 times more than I will probably need, but in case I build a mail box, I can stain it the same colors also.

    (the door is covered in newspaper because were painting the entrance door also, which will be replaced next spring with a new wood door, so just for now, some shaking can stuff, quick, easy, and unfortunately, after the pen box I try to make, I have to start ripping wall paper)

    looking at both pictures, one can really see the difference a little green dye has, thanx again Dave, these are areas I dont know anything about, sorta like woodworking.
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    10 ml green tint, 3 ml black, 480 ml mahogany stain

    got this from that.(maybe 10-15 ml of green)

    approx measurements. I dont think I used more than 50 ml of total stain in can
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    This summer the LOML had me buy nice plastic shutters for the entire house (the 25 yr old ones are plain worn out). If I had seen yours before purchasing them i would clone yours, I like them Allen, I like them a lot. Well done

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    If I had to make more than a few, I dont think Id go for the expense.(not for my house) Its almost 5 bf for each shutter.(If I lived in a 700 thousand dollar home Id go for it.) Im trying not to put much money into this small house.
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    nice job allen,, if understand this right you added some green tint to make the color come around tot he old door trim am i n the righ page here?? if so i say you done good threw daves help
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    I was unhappy with the red red color the mahogany trim ended up.
    Just too dave suggested adding green to the mahogany stain to brown it up,, and I had stained the molding already.He suggested taking a small portion of the stain and experimenting with the green till I got a brown shade Id be happy with. It worked like a charm. I stained the shutters the same sequence, original stain first, then coat with new color so it matches molding.

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    Looks good. Very nice work Allen!
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