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Thread: Unconventional hybrid tail vise

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    Unconventional hybrid tail vise

    Surfing on the web I found this page that I found interesting.
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    Interesting "hybrid." I like it.
    Jim D.
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    Great site. I'm in the process of designing my next bench so I appreciated all those inputs. As mentioned, I'm a fan of Chris' book on workbenches. Something on this site particularly struck home...

    "I also wanted something which reflected me. I'm not satisfied to just do what other people do, I had my own needs and built my bench to suit them."

    Well, what can you say? Can I clamp all the stuff that I do?...when I need to do something do I turn to my bench to be able to do that or go to the outside bench (rough pine) to do it? my bench my first go-to tool?

    This guy has gripes and gloats. Well worth reading...between the lines. I'm still struggling with the above questions. A bench is a personal thing...there is no single right answer.


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    That IS a different twist - good ingenuity. There are probably lots of other ways that idea could be used.
    -- Tim --

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    Thumbs up

    That tail/end vise is a clever and neat idea. My only question about it is, will it rack when being used as a tail vise. I've never used a tail vise, so I don't know how hard you clamp down on something in a tail vise. Still a great idea and piece of work.

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