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Thread: Anant Kamal Planes

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    Anant Kamal Planes

    I went searching for updates on the Anant Kamal or Premier line of handplanes today. They're beginning to show up in stores and there are finally some pictures to look at.

    For some background, you can check Chris Schwarz's preview on Woodworking Magazine's blog.

    The best pic I could find was on the Wooden Boat web store. Here is the smaller of 2 smooth planes in close-up

    (I'm making an assumption here - they don't say Kamal, but the handle and tote have a clear finish, as opposed to Anant's usual plain hardwood stained dark.)

    This line is supposed to be a step up in quality for Anant, whose offerings up to now have been about on par with modern Stanleys, later Records and Footprints. There's nicer wood, improved, heavier frogs, better machining and a brass adjuster knob.

    I'm hoping these new planes will offer an alternative to rust hunting for pre-war Stanleys, Sargents etc. You know, buying with a mfg's warranty - no broken totes, cracks or busted yokes to look out for. Prices are quite reasonable (both smoothers are less than $40 US)

    Look for a dealer on Robert Larson Co.'s website (where I couldn't find any info on the new line

    Anybody laid hands on one yet? I'd love to take one for a spin and see how it behaves. Call me optimistic, but why can't India compete with 19th century American technology ?
    All the best,
    Ian G

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    Hi Ian--in general the trouble is that while any country can make as good of planes as Stanley at their best, economics most often dictate they will not.

    Exceptions are notably two companies which surpass what Stanley et al ever did.

    Rob Lee & Company are bringing out a lower priced line of planes and what not. It will be interesting what they come up with.

    The Anant Kamals hold promise. Hope it pans out.

    Take care, Mike
    Wenzloff & Sons Sawmakers

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    I've just got their pre-Kamal #8 and a couple of spokeshaves. The #8 is surprisingly decent especially for $90. I know Highland Hardware is supposed to start carrying the Kamal versions.
    John Thompson who joined up here about a month ago was going to check them out at HH in Atlanta but last he mentioned, HH still hadn't gotten their shipment yet. Maybe that's changed by now?
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