Well your USPS is doing it again. Being seriously in the red almost unable to make basic costs the Gov't let them take back 4 Billion dollars from the fund.

(short explination about the fund.
The fund is the USPS must pre-pay 5 billion dollars a year for the next 3 more years. To a fund for its future retirees' health benefits, This is after the USPS really peed off President Bush so he's getting back at them by making them pre-pay)

So now the USPS has a cash flow instead of using it to get in touch with today's economy & to find ways to take a bigger share of the parcel business from UPS, Fed-Ex & other parcel deliveries, or other ways to get & stay in the black.

what do they do???
They take 10 million dollars minimum to put GPS tracking in about 30% of the vehicles in the New England area only about 3 or 4 states eventually they want to equip all approx 300,000 mail carrier vehicles in the USA. They are not putting in GPS inside of the GSA vehicles (Gov't service administration) the cars that the management uses.

I'm sorry but it really irritates me to see money squandered or basically thrown down the drain instead of using it wisely.

Rant off.