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Thread: Just had to try it!

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    Just had to try it!

    I saw the pod cast on Woodwhisperer on Keepsake Box! Have never done much with sliding dove tails before. I didn't have the nice 8 quarter thick for the bottom or the 4 quarter for the top. But I did have a piece of 15/16 stair tread in oak. It had only a very slight cup to it. Flatined it the best I could without loseing to much of the thicknes. Then glued 2 pieces to gether for the bottom and followed WW instructions the best I could. Found a piece of mahogany chair rail that I plained down for the corner pieces.
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    Was a lot of fun to do, I made my own template for cutting the circular hole in the center of the box.
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    Makeing the hiden lock was a good feeling when I showed it to LOL and I could not remember wich corner it was.
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    It works nice but I need more practice on the sliding dove tails. I think after a couple more trys it will improve. Also useing a better grade of wood would also be helpfull.
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    That's a cool box. I've always wanted to make a puzzle box and that one looks like a nice one to try! Very cool!
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    Very cool, Ron. I hadn't seen that idea before, but it looks like a fun project.
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