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Thread: Pen Turning - A Vortex within a vortex

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    Pen Turning - A Vortex within a vortex


    On Saturday we made a family trip to Pennsylvania. The plan was to hit Woodcraft in Allentown and then go to a Flea Market or 2 before heading home.

    When we got to Woodcraft it was a "Turning for Troops" Weekend. They had 6 or so lathes setup and were teaching people to turn pens. The wait was going to be a while so I bought my Slow Speed Grinder ON SALE and a Lathe chuck and some jaws. We headed out to the Flea Market and came back later.

    My 10 year old son has been interested in the lathe since I bought it. He and my wife wanted to turn pens. They showed him how to use a spindle gouge to shape the pen and sand it smooth with sandpaper. They then showed him how to apply a wax based finish and assemble the pen.

    The lathes got crowded again while my son was making his pen and my wife didn't want to wait for a lathe, so we headed for home. Before we left my wife had me identify and price out what I'd need to turn pens at home. If you remember, she was the one who encouraged me to buy a lathe in the first place. What a wife!

    Anyway, below is a picture of my son at the lathe. Woodcraft was taking pictures also and said to look for him on the website shortly.


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    That's great, Jim. Man, talk about pulling the whole family into the vortex with you. (I guess it was actually your wife pushing you all into the vortex.) Your son's gonna remember today for the rest of his life.

    Hmm...are there his & hers lathes in your future?
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    That's really cool Jim. I remember going to a WoodCraft one time when they had a pens for troops turnathon going on. I didn't have time to turn a pen, but I did have one in my pocket I had just finished.

    Thats so cool you have a supportive wife! And what a great way to introduce your son to the craft!

    Way to go!
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    Ya got TWO KEEPERS there, Jim!
    -- Tim --

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    Jim, first of all, WAY TO GO!!!!! What a wife and son! Time for two more lathes if you ask me!!

    Just a word of caution, tell son to roll those baggy sleeves up to his elbows, man that could be bad.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Congrats I also agree with Johnathan those loose sleeves could be very dangerous.

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    Yes - I saw the sleeves when I looked at the pictures afterward. It didn't jump out at me when we were there.

    Yes - they are all keepers. Even the 13 year old big sister who didn't even get mentioned is a keeper.



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    every time I see a demo offered to anyone, in pictures, videos or at the one show I was at, its always a jet lathe. Makes a statement about Jet lathes.
    Not stealing the thread Jim, I think its very cool a young family member is interested in turning.

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    I noticed that too Allen

    Great family day!!!
    Your son must have been thrilled
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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