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Thread: WoodRiver 4-Jaw Chuck

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    WoodRiver 4-Jaw Chuck

    I have a WoodRiver 1" x 8 TPI Self-Centering 4-Jaw Chuck(146801) from Woodcraft. I just got the #1 & #3 jaws for it.

    I'm happy with the chuck.

    However, I see many different types of jaws for other brands of chuck. Do any of these jaws fit the Wood River?

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    VERY DOUBTFUL. Possible, but REALLY unlikely, except by chance. The reference grooves in the back and the screw hole positions are pretty manufacturer-specific.

    At some point, you'll want these:

    At that point, you'll have pretty much everything you could want for that chuck... the only likely exception being a set of blank jaw plates you can customize with MDF or plywood overjaws... and even those will see very limited use. In fact, a good 80% to 90% of your turning will probably be done with the stock #2 jaws & the Cole-style jaws (jumbos).
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    I have the WoodRiver one and a couple Nova chucks and no, these are not interchangable. I got the WoodRiver on clearance with the Cole style jaws and left it set up for finishing off bowl bottoms. I don't know if One-Way or Vicmark will interchange but I am highly doubtful.

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    No the oneway or Vicmarc jaws won't fit.
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    Joseph, I too bought the Woodriver chuck. It is the first chuck that I have ever owned and so far it has worked well. I did buy the set of flat jaws for it and am glad I did. I'm very new to using a chuck but I can already see where some of the other chucks would be a little easier to use if you could tighten them with one hand while holding the bowl with the other, however I have not had that much of a problem with it. I can usually get it tightened enough to hold on then tighten with both hands. I think this chuck will be very good for quite a while. I'm happy with it.


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    Thank you all!

    Yes, I am going to buy the Flat Jaw Chuck, so I'll have the whole set.

    I started this thread to determine what option are available.
    Presently, the WoodRiver chuck is more than adequate for me.

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    It wouldn't hurt to pick up an extra set of jaw screws when you order that last set of jaws... just in case you mangle one of the original screws. I've seen it done.

    Also - on those aluminum flat jaws - do NOT overtighten the screws! SNUG is what you want, not clenched down till your puckerer is puckered tight. Tighten 'em too tight & the aluminum will gall against the screw & you'll have the devil's own time getting the screws back out next time you change jaws...

    -- Tim --

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