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    Small Craft Show

    Where my wife works they do a craft show for the employees and family. This is the first show of any kind that I am going to do. I am not expecting a lot in sales. I more or less want the people that my wife works with to know what I have available for them all year round.
    This is my question, How do you price items that would be fair for a show like this? I don't want to be cheap nor do I want to be so high that they write me off before they get to the door. I am going to make a couple of pictures with items and if you can tell me what you would price it for would be great. Also if any one knows what kind of wood the second and third Potpourri pots are that would be great.
    One more thing. in the3rd pot it's a nial that I left in it.
    Bowl about 7 1/2 X 1 1/2

    All pots about 6 X 2 1/2

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Price 'em according to what you would sell them for regardless where they are. You don't want to lowball the folks and then sticker shock them when they order later in the year. So price 'em what you think is fair and if they don't buy you didn't lose. That's my 2 cents worth.

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    Dennis, the prices you can charge in your location may be a bit different that what I can charge in mine, but if it's any help, I sell my potpourri bowls for $30 to $40. I've also got a little walnut bowl about the size of's a real pretty piece of curly crotch wood. I think I've got it priced at about $55 or $60 (too lazy to go dig it out right now), but I suspect that's too high, since I've been taking it to shows for a couple years and it still hasn't sold.
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    The last two look like oak to me Dennis

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    On the bowl I get $30 to $40 for those. Our area is pretty depressed and a Ag area. I have been to craft fairs where guys have those bowl for $10 to $15. They don't sell anymore than I do if not less. I have looked at some of their stuff and the workmanship (tool marks, sanding marks, etc.) was not the best. The finish had nibs in it and was rough on most of the turnings I checked out of the several that were there. Do good work. Price what you think is fair and if they don't sell lower your price $5 to $10 and see what happens. You will hit that sweet spot.
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    What has been said is right, however,when I first started, I had no idea what to charge. I was lucky enough to have a local gallery want to look at my stuff. She would pick up a piece and ask what the retail was. When I told her, she said "Wait - You are an Artist! You deserve to be paid for your artistry and the quality of your work!". She basically doubled my prices and much to my surprise, they sold. (I took 21 pieces, hoping she might take 5 or 6 - She took all 21) She sold about 30 pieces in a year and a half, then there was a problem with 5 finger discounts and I had to take my stuff out.

    Looking at your work, you are an artist and you care about the finish of the product. You should be paid what they're worth. The prices given are good bench marks by good turners. Without knowing exactly where you're located (No location on your post), I can't begin to adjust the pricing for where you are.

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