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Thread: iPhone/iPod Touch Support added via TapaTalk

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    iPhone/iPod Touch Support added via TapaTalk

    We've added support for TapaTalk ( for those that have an iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Tapatalk is an iPhone / iPod Touch (and soon Nokia, Android, and BlackBerry) social networking application allows you to access your favorite discussion communities in a native iPhone application interface.

    Some additional details about TapaTalk
    - the TapaTalk iPhone app costs $2.99 from iTunes app store
    - easy to participate discussions - no pinch-zooming in Safari.
    - one tap to latest discussion - it's super fast!
    - the app is a iPhone native app with consistent iPhone UI and multi-touch features
    - private message and topic subscriptions is natively supported.
    - quote reply is supported
    - a dedicated tab to list currently online users
    - a dedicated tab for forum statistic such as number of members and topics, etc.

    As a personal review, I'm enjoying using the app for browsing the forum. I don't have to pinch to zoom in on every post and pictures load much faster and are much easier to browse.

    For those that buy the app, just search for 'Family Woodworking' on the apps search page to add us. Enter your login name/password and it should add FWW to your favorites list.

    Note: Family Woodworking is not profiting from the use or purchase of this app, we've added it to give our users an additional avenue to participate in the forum.

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    Darren's right...TapaTalk makes getting around Family Woodworking on an iPhone or iPod Touch much easier and faster.

    It also provides a listing of a lot of other forums that have made themselves available to TapaTalk users. I think we're one of the first woodworking forums available there, but you may find it handy for keeping up with other forums you frequent.

    Darren's also right that Family Woodworking is not profiting from the purchase of this app. It's merely a coincidence that he, Bill, and I are driving brand-new BMWs all of a sudden.
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    BMW, gosh for that kind of money, you guys could have got a big ol' pickup to haul lumber with.........

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