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Thread: Bath/bed/laundry remodel

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    Bath/bed/laundry remodel

    This is what was originally the stand-alone garage to this old house... now the 'second addition'... joined to the main house by the 'first addition, a finished breezeway (which in itself was actually two additions... first just a closed in breezeway,then expanded into a big room).

    This is picture of the garage wall, breezeway (my family room) on the other side. Sliding door goes into the family room, and is what we use as the main entrance (exterior door to carport on the other side of the 'garage'). This gives us a chance to get in the house and not have to worry about the dogs getting out.

    This is other long wall of the garage, carport on the outside. They 'framed in' the windows when they finished the inside, but left the ouside original with the screens. Except, of course, where the A/C unit is. Which is not where it's going to stay. Which means I'll either have to reside the exterior wall or fix a screen frame to match the other two.

    The bath area is behind this door; roughly 8x12. I'll frame up a wall a foot or so towards the bathroom from the sliding door, across the 'garage'. In that space will be the washer/dryer and 2 closets. That'll leave roughly an 11x14 (or so) space that we'll call a bedroom.

    And here is a detail of the original footing for the wall, and the pad they poured when they finished the floor. Since it's separated all around, I assume the pad sunk. Notice how they 'built it up' to the wall with plaster or mortar of some sort to lay the linoleum.

    The bathroom is essentially done, just need some final caulking and paint cleanup and get the vanity in (which will go to the left of the door as you enter... so the window will be in back of it).

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    Boy I bet that was a 'fun' project, nice work Kirk. I like that wainscotting.

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    i think i like the old one better naw yu done a fine job its much cleaner looking ad brighter witht he lightr colors
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    Don't you just love the 'creative' solutions some people come up with?
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    Very nicely done. Bravo!
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