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Thread: Another Woodsmith Frame

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    Another Woodsmith Frame

    Great minds or whatever? Glenn Bradley posted his beautiful rendition of the picture frame from issue 184. LOML had seen the frame in the magazine also and wanted a version for a 4x6 print to give her 99 year-old grandmother. Being the dutiful hubby, I could not deny her! (...or else...??)

    Anyway, here's my version using different scaling for the base, inner frame and upright. I used cherry and spalted maple. I still need to apply some topcoat but this photo is with a bit of BLO/Naphtha rubbed in. I'll hit it with some shellac in a couple of days.
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    Thats a real buity. I like it.
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    Very nice indeed. Cool wood combination.
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    keep that up and you'll be framemeister bill! very good work!
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    That looks very nice, Bill.
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    Real nice frame Bill. Came out great.

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