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Thread: Some recent mods to my turning station

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    Some recent mods to my turning station

    Nothing to dramatic, but a bunch of little things can make life much easier............

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    I use two drill at the lathe, one for buffing and one for powersanding, it is nice that they have their own spots to hang out, they don't get all covered in shavings and in the way all the time now!

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    I ran out of room for all my turning tools, so I made a new rack, take some time to find stuff, but it is much better, you will notice I left some space for future additions.

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    I mentioned this in another thread, but the new Simpson Sanding attachment works great!!

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    I thought Somebody ought to reply, Stu!
    I like your additions, the one for the dust collector gives me an idea. I wouldn't want to have to set it up each time I sand, but what about attaching it to the BACK end of the banjo? Then you could just remove the tool rest and go to it, and the hose would be easily positionable as needed.
    Thanks for the idea.

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    How big is your shop? You have a lot of stuff it appears in a little space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis Porter View Post
    How big is your shop? You have a lot of stuff it appears in a little space.
    They seem to be very good at that in Japan

    Nice changes Stu! I am also re-arranging my shop/garage so that things are more "accessible" and not have to be "excavated" when I need them lol


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