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Thread: What's your favorite pen kit?

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    What's your favorite pen kit?

    There are so many different pen kits out on the market these days. It got me wondering what everyone thought was their favorite kit and why. I've only made about 7-8 different kinds of kits but for me I like the look and feel of the cigar twist pen. It is heavy but I think that's part of its great character. My #2 choice would have to be the Sierra twist kits from Berea Hardwoods in Ohio. Very nice style and everyone seems to be impressed with them.


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    In my hands, the cigars feel overbalanced - like they want to roll over the back of my hand instead of staying put. I've only got 3-1/2" hands, though - folks with 4" hands wouldn't feel that.

    The Polaris (one-tube) pens seem to fit my hands best, although they're dang heavy in a shirt pocket or hooked to the neck of a TShirt. I like the Parker-style refill better than the Cross-style, too. The Polaris pens aren't great about staying together, though, unless you add a dab of CA just before pressing 'em.
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    My favorite is the Wallstreet II click pen. My two biggest sellers 3 to 1 is the Wallstreet II and the woodcraft click pen. Can't tell ya why but they sell good.
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    That's good to hear Bernie. I just picked up a Wallstreet II click pen the other day. I hope to make it this weekend.


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    I like the look and feel of the Jr Gent.

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    The one that sells the best.
    I make more Europeans than any other. I sell maybe 50% and give the rest as gifts and donations to fund raisers. It makes a nice 'carry' pen without breaking the bank. For certain people and church events, adding a Christian Cross clip makes them great gifts.
    But, for my personal use, I like rollerballs with quality refills (Schmidt or Hauser). I sometimes carry a full sized Gentleman or a Baron. The big Gent is too big for everyday carry, I'll probably make myself a Jr. Gent here pretty soon.
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    Interesting topic timing..... Chuck and I took an hour long ride to our nearest Woodcraft store today and finally took the plunge into pen making. I personally prefer the size of slimline pens and it seems to me that they aren't what most people make so I decided that is the route I wanted to go, at least to start out.... do have my eye on a fountain pen kit as well though. We got some bottle stoppers too and I saw a few other things/kits that I have interest in playing with. It's an evil evil place....
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    I started on the European pen as my first pen... the tenon thing was a little daunting the first time, but now I can knock out a Euro almost as fast as the slimline. I make lots of the SL's because they sell pretty well... ladies seem to like them, especially in the acrylics. My favorite to make is the baron and the cigar... they both show off the woods well because of the size... the baron sells somewhat better than the cigar. And I still sell almost as many of the Euro as I do the slimlines...

    For personal use, I still like the European best.
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