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Thread: Spalted Maple Vase

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    Spalted Maple Vase

    Well haven't had really as much time to turn as I want but hey in 48 days I can turn to my hearts content being retired. Anyway I turned this vase last weekend. It is spalted maple. 9 1/2" tall and 6" at the widest. It has 7 coats of wipe on poly and buffed with Ren wax. It wasn't the best maple in the world as it had several soft spots. I used my epoxy cocktail of 5 min epoxy mixed up and then mixed with DNA to the consistancy of milk. I painted all the soft spots till they wouldn't take anymore after I turned the wall thickness to near what I wanted. Dried for 24 hrs and then finished turning. Lady picked it up tonight raving about it and didn't say a word when she wrote the check for $130. It is a Christmas present for her new DIL.
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    Bernie W.

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    Yep, lots to rave about there, nice work Bernie!
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    Spalted Maple Vase

    WOW,you done did good on that one,Beautifull piece

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    Looks like it was well worth the effort, Bernie. Great job.
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    i think yu got the finish right
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    Beautiful vase, Bernie. And welcome to the Wonderful World of Retirement. I should have tried it 30 years ago.

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    Wonderful shape and grain Bernie. You know what you doing alright. I like the elegance of it. Looks sturdy yet has a light feel to it and the top finish is cool.

    Could do with a better picture though. On my screen it looked alittle hazy. But i could see the grain patterns.

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    Great work Bernie! And congratulations on the sale!!

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    Great vase and you padded the retirement fund to boot.
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    Very nice. Great looking wood even if it was a bit punky. You did a great job with it too. Glad you described your epoxy soup. I've got a project that I'm trying to work the details out on and haven't been satisfied with my results yet. This might just be the answer I need.
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