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Thread: I've Never Seen A Lathe Like This One

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    I've Never Seen A Lathe Like This One

    This is an unusual lathe listed on Craigs List here in Portland

    Beam Lathe
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    Wow, that's a biggun. It'd probably be a money-maker if you had a good market for big architectural pieces.
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    That looks strongly reminiscent of the Conover - I wonder if that's actually an early example of one?

    EDIT: Curious that the power switch & tool rack are both mounted on the back side of the lathe...
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    It is old, heavy and big, no doubt. I dig the brass oilers.
    But, it doesn't look like $1,000.00 worth to me.
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    A friend of mine had one in his shop. It was a Conover with a 16' bed. He made a fortune turning columns for home restoration businesses. He needed the overhead crane to lift the blanks. 5 horse motor to run the thing. When he retired he sold it for $2,800.

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    My uncle had one very similar to this in his shop in Nanimo, BC. It was about 20 feet long though and he used it to mill the center pole in spiral staircases, his specialty. Now that he is retired, I have no idea what he has done with it. He had some very cool equipment in his shop, all that would be considered vintage today.

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    Thats similar to the one I saw a few years ago. I postedabout it in this thread. Ony this one didn't have a duplicator and they were asking $1500 for it.
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