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Thread: Late New Year's Woodworking Resolutions

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    Late New Year's Woodworking Resolutions

    I don't know how many of you get David Marks' newsletter; the recent one started out with some observations by David's wife that got a chuckle in our household........... I was pleased to hear from SWMBO that I do "pretty well on the honey-do criteria but could use some help on the others.

    Thought you might enjoy a giggle as well



    Resolutions for the New Year
    From a Woodworker's Wife
    Victoria Marks

    Somehow we all got through another Christmas and even managed to finish some of those projects we had started last summer. Hopefully many of you got those tools, books, DVDs, and gift certificates that you had been drooling over and hinting about to whoever was a candidate to give you a gift this year. And of course, we all relish the thought of beginning fresh with a new year with a new resolve. So, here is the 2007 Woodworker's New Year's Resolution List seen from the woodworker wife’s perspective:

    I really will leave the woodshop and go in for dinner on the 3rd time she calls me.

    I will remind myself that those mistakes are "creative opportunities" for a new design direction.

    I will give up "fixing to get ready" and actually start using all of the new machinery and tools that I bought for a future project.

    I will actually take seriously my woodworking "to do" list and do it. I will change some of the items on my "honey do list" to my "honey did list". (It is amazing how many points you can make with your ever suffering spouse who has been waiting…..and waiting….and really, really waiting).

    I will pick a project that is an attainable challenge. I will dare to try something harder, and newer, and more adventurous.

    So, here is to 2007 being a rewarding year filled with new challenges and increased satisfaction with all of your woodworking projects.

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    Sorta sounds like my list of resolutions. I really need to improve in some of those areas. However I always go running to the table as soon as she hollers. Reminds me of another resolution....loose some of this blubber
    I once heard that cats and women will do darn well what they please and that men and dogs would do well to accept it and just go on.

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    I'm not one to make resolutions.......At Christmas last year I noiticed myself hugging and puffing more than I ever had before......So on January 3rd I decided to quit smoking....January 13th in a 4 hour drive (normally 2 hr 15 min. drive) I took it back up.....January 15th ...I stopped smoking.......Clean for over a year......Now...I just have to make up my mind to get rid of the 33 lbs. I've gained....I'll have to consider that one.....

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    Love that phrase "fixing to get ready" to do something.

    A contractor who showed up a week late once told me, "You know Jess, I was fixing to start thinking about your job, but my cousin came and we had to go elk hunting."

    Well, gotta go, I'm fixing to start thinking about changing my jointer knives.

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