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Thread: How I beat HD out of $1,000........

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    How I beat HD out of $1,000........

    Last spring when our youngest son and spouse visited us I was embarrassed by the condition of the main floor bathroom. The finish on the all oak counter top had worn so bad that water had gotten to the wood and caused cracks and even mildew was growing in some of the cracks. I was terribly embarrassed.

    We didn't want to do anything major as the LOML loves the cabinets that are in there. So, we went to HD and got an estimate for an installed solid surface counter top. $1,000. I about choked. I told her as we left, I can tile it for a lot less.

    We couldn't agree on a tile and she made the mistake of saying " Get the tile you want." I made the mistake doing what she told me. So I tiled the countertop on the bathroom vanity. Looked pretty good....until I tried ..(key word "tried") to reinstall the drop in sink. It seems as though the 1/4" tile and thinset had moved the backsplash out far enough, the sink wouldn't fit. I checked and there was no room to enlarge or move the hole for the sink forward as the current hole went to the face frame. OOPS!

    Long story short I went back to HD and bought a cheap porcelain sink. I used my tile wet saw to cut off the back 3/8 of an inch and with new hardware, faucets, supply lines etc, it dropped right in. Looks good. One more minor's bone colored and the tub and toilet are white. Boy do they clash!

    So...back to HD...they don't carry that color in stock. It's special order time. It's double the price time too!

    Of course, now it means tearing out the current tile, replacing the tub and toilet and while we are at it...repaint and replace the carpet. Of course, there is no place I can find that has the accordian style shower doors so we go with a custom glass one....and I let the glass shop install it.

    Then...since we are ordering carpet for the bathroom, HD has a special...install all the rooms in your house or one installation cost....$39.00. So...we really need to replace the carpet in the masterbedroom and of course it needs painting prior to the new carpet being installed.

    Well, $4800 later I showed those folks at HD. I still haven't spent the $1,000 on that solid surface counter top. You can't push this damn old hillbilly around!

    Here's some photos of the newly remodeled bathroom.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    WTG Ken, you sure showed them

    Looks great
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    Yeah, you got 'em! For sure!
    Jim D.
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    Been there, done that. But it does look good, doesn't it? Great job! Jim.
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    looks good ken!
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    Not only did you do well financially, but you also created a really nice uh reading room.

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    It always feels good to slip one past the Big Boys, doesn't it?

    Nice job.
    -- Tim --

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    Its a matter of PRINCIPAL !!!!
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    Well Ken it does look good. Whats that old saying??? Some people never learn!!! I don't have my own house yet But I've been practicing on 56 apartments for 15 years & making all the mistakes ahead of time. I hope I've learned.
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    Thanks for the comments guys!

    The story does get better. I have a particular paint scheme I like to use. I like bright white on the ceilings and off-white or antique white on the walls. Those colors will go with anything. When we were in the Navy for 8 years, those were the colors base housing required.

    I didn't pick the color scheme in the bathroom but the LOML has to win one once in a while!

    She was chanting her mantra "It ain't gonna be off ain't gonna be off white".....

    So it comes time to paint the bedroom and the LOML has already picked out the new carpet style and color. So she sees the ad on TV for HD and their little 4oz paint samples. Well after a week and a half, she had 7 different 4 oz samples and 7 different colors painted in 1' squares on 3 different walls in the bedroom. That's 21 1' squares. She still couldn't make up her mind.

    I was just hoping she didn't decide to connect the dots!

    So what color did she choose to go with that new silver carpet she'd picked out?................WHITE!

    God.....I love that woman!

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